Tomas De Bruyne contributed to ‘A Fresh Look at Judging Floral Design’ with his wonderful Foreword. Concluding the foreword, Tomas writes:

“The book devotes the necessary attention to this topic and is worthy of carrying the title, ‘A Fresh Look At Judging Floral Design.’ This work is not a coffee table book but rather a reference book offering guidance to the reader who dares to confront his or her inner self, which is a necessity as a juror. This book should get a front row spot in the bookcase of each floral designer who wants to push and/or cross his or her boundaries.

I am of the opinion that the two authors supplement each other very well and in doing so have created a book that covers all aspects in an inspirational and balanced manner.”

Read the rest of Tomas’s foreword in ‘A Fresh Look at Judging Floral Design.’