Hitomi Gilliam AIFD
Hitomi Gilliam AIFDAuthor
Hitomi is an internationally renowned floral artist who has guest-designed throughout North America, England, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Singapore, Columbia and Australia. She is a resident of Vancouver, Canada and conducts workshops in Vancouver and Norwalk, CT as a director of Design358. Her website is Hitomi is available for presentations.

  • One of seven recipients of AIFD’s coveted Design Influence Award (1998)
  • Eight-time featured designer at AIFD National Symposium
  • Co-author/illustrator of The AIFD Guide to Floral Design–Terms, Techniques and Traditions (2005)
  • 2006 recipient of American Horticultural Society’s Frances Jones Poetker Award
  • Winner of Gold Award and Best of Show at Singapore Garden Festival in July 2008
  • Facilitator of European Masters Certificate Program with Tomas De Bruyne in North America and Belgium
  • Founder/organizer of the annual ‘Survival of the Creative Minds’ conference in Taos, NM
  • Writer of monthly column ‘Creative Edge’ for Flowers& magazine
  • Author of six books: Earth Man Spirit, Fundamental Theories of Design, Design Compendium-Styles & Methods, ARTFLOR-Advanced Design+Process, Creative Edge, and NeoTropica
Kathy Whalen AIFD
Kathy Whalen AIFDAuthor
Kathy is a visual-event stylist, floral designer and owner of Nature’s Daughter. For more than 30 years, her business was located in the New York metropolitan area of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, where she specialized in corporate and residential event-and-design work. Kathy who holds a degree in education is currently a resident of Naples, Florida. Her website is Kathy is available for presentations.

  • New York Botanical Garden Instructor for Special Events and Floral Design–15 years
  • Five-time Gala Award winner, most prestigious awards of the global special-event industry (spanning multiple categories)
  • Co-author of the floral industry comprehensive manual The AIFD Guide to Floral Design–Terms, Techniques and Traditions (2005, 2008) and two editions of The Book of Floral Terminology
  • Judge for Special Events magazine’s annual industry awards, and member of the magazine’s Advisory Board
  • Five-time presenter at AIFD National Symposium
  • Sixteen-year member of AIFD Education Committee
  • Visual-event stylist and floral designer of events for prominent indivduals such as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Bill Clinton
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