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Comments from Garden Club Members:

“After going through the National Garden Club schools and ultimately attaining Master Judge status (now Emeritus) and becoming an Accredited GCA Floral Design Judge, I can confidently say this fresh approach is long overdue.

“You have renewed my original vigor to the task of good judging. I will pass on the info to purchased a book to anyone I know who wishes to improve their exhibiting and/or judging skills.  It was well worth the wait.” – G, Pennsylvania


“Oh my goodness — you can’t imagine my excitement upon receiving “A Fresh Look at Judging!” I have been devouring it with such pleasure and saying ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ along the way!” – B, Pennsylvania


“Received the book Monday, and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

Thank you, Kathy, (and Hitomi) for recognizing – and fusing together – Western, European, and Asian designs techniques into EPTAS for the 21st century!” – G, California


“Thank you for all of the great work that went into creating this wonderful guide. You have inspired me and given me new tools for understanding and explaining this amazing field!” – B, Pennsylvania

September 12th, 2016|