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Perspectives From Designers

In winter, visions of quince and helleborus, tulips and fine handwork dance in the heads of designers and arrangers as they plan for upcoming competitions and expositions. With spring just around the corner, designers perfect the unique concepts they have been percolating throughout the winter. They refine their artistic interpretations for flower shows, home and garden tours, ‘Bouquets-to-Art/Art In Bloom’ museum-type expositions and competitions, and even for WAFA in Ireland this June.

As it nears time to actualize designs, designers tell us that “A Fresh Look at Judging Floral Design is an inspiring resource for sorting out their perspectives and bringing clarity to their thinking. They tell us they come to the workbench with greater confidence for investigating their strengths and weakness. They delight in having new tools for evaluating themselves and elevating the quality of their entries.

Some are practice judging their design concepts even before their designs are fully completed and are using the practice sessions to make informed decisions about their designs. Others are striving to push the envelope and present greater emotional content in their designs.

We are pleased to hear from all of you, designers, judges and teachers alike, and happy to know how helpful you find “A Fresh Look at Judging Floral Design.”

February 19th, 2014|