Garden Club Members – Is This Book for You?

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Garden Club Members – Is This Book for You?

How humbling it is to hear comparisons between Esther Hamel’s long-revered 1960’s book “The Encyclopedic of Judging and Exhibiting” and our “A Fresh Look at Judging Floral Design!” We are truly honored when people who know the Hamel book make such a comparison and, quite honestly, nothing makes Hitomi and Kathy feel more proud! Thank you, readers, for the ultimate compliment!

Our contemporary book is brimming full of updated and new information. It is written for a broad range of audiences in the floral community – from amateurs to garden club members to professionals. As the subtitle says, it is for designers, teachers and mentors as well as judges.

It uses a graphic, easy-to-read style with 338 full-color images and 39 exercises to address 21st century design, techniques and materials. It is particularly helpful in handling new and more complex designs.

Many garden club readers tell us that “A Fresh Look for Judging” is a great favorite they’ve added to their libraries and use as a constant reference.

Maybe it’s right for you too!

September 13th, 2016|