Publisher’s Overview

Publisher’s Overview

Hitomi Gilliam AIFD and Kathy Whalen AIFD have combined their talents to write, design and illustrate a book embracing innovative approaches for judging today’s floral designs. What judges need to know is the same body of knowledge that all designers, competitors and teachers need to know so each can achieve their personal best.

Designer, teachers and judges have patiently anticipated the publication of “A Fresh Look at Judging Floral Design“, which has been many years in the making. The book presents extensive coverage of critical topics. Much of the content is new material that provides a contemporary perspective for floral design in the 21st century. Valued information on judging, previously found only in word-of mouth conversations or in workshop notes, has also been put into print. And, of course, tried-and-true subject matter that has stood the test of time is a component of the book.

Yes, this is the robust book people have been waiting for and it’s full of contemporary insights – a unique blend of old and new material.

BCFL Group, Publisher

September 29th, 2013|